Murphy’s “Law” or Messiah’s “Law”

I had a great Word of God’s Wisdom ready for yesterday’s Sanctuary service. I began to “know” in my spirit that if I insisted on bringing that teaching, it would have “0” anointing even though truth. God had a very powerful gathering planned. Here are a few practical thoughts that came from our time together that may be helpful to consider. The other teaching? It’s still from God…maybe next week. Maybe 🙂


  1. I think it’s important for people to realize that God doesn’t want to just meet our basic needs, but that we can expect to receive whatever is in His will for us, the sky is the limit. Often when I pray, I just say, “God, I want whatever it is that you want for me to have.” Sometimes I have a specific request, like that recliner I mentioned to you the other day. But when God told me He will give me everything that I ask of Him, just to be patient, I find this to be a curiosity, because I feel like I have everything, but not just in the physical sense. I am grateful for a firm foundation that through years of trial and error, have come to a place of serenity and tranquility when I am in my quiet place with Him. In regards to waiting, that something is not in its right time, I have complete respect for that. I will be interested in finding out about whatever it is.

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