Christine Hollars – Osteoarthritis Healing

Christine Hollars My name is Christine Hollars.  I’ve suffered severe Osteoarthritis in my knees.  As a matter of fact, it was so bad that I could barely get from my bedroom to the bathroom even with my walker.  I even had to have people go get food for me and bring it to my apartment.

Then several weeks ago, I was prayed for at my church, The Sanctuary.  While I was being prayed for, I followed the Pastor’s instructions.  As I was sitting on my walker, I began swinging my knees.  Then, I also stepped down and put weight on my legs.  Ever since then, my knees would get better every day.

Then two weeks ago, someone broke into my apartment and kicked me right in my knees.  I began to feel worse.  Then at church I learned that I could get my healing back the same way i got it the first time.  Since then, I have been again getting better and better.  I can’t wait to have my doctor do some more x-rays so that he can see what God is doing.

Pastor Gary’s Note:

“What a thrill it is to see Christine walking around on her own without the walker on Sundays.  If she is having to stand and wait in our Pot-luck food line after service, she will use her walker to help support herself.  But, other than that she walks (and even quickly) around the place.  It excites me to see her every time.  What a glory to God!”



Denise’s Story – Reunited With Birth Family

Denise McNealOn September 18, 2007 I received a phone call from my daughter Tiesha that has forever changed my life. She said, “Mom I found your mother and you have sisters and brothers!”

You see, I was adopted when I was 6 months old, and I had always wondered about my parents, but the fear of the unknown kept me from looking for my natural parents. Not knowing if I wanted to know why they decided to not keep me, what horror story that could be. But the day came that I met my mother, and four sisters and one brother.  My father had passed.

All of my fears had been unfounded.  I discovered that my mother thought at the time of allowing me to be placed out of the home, that she would be able to be reunited with me when the economic conditions improved.  Instead, sealed records made it impossible for her to locate me.  But, I discovered that they had never stopped praying for me throughout all the years that I would be safe, blessed, and well cared for.

As we’ve been reunited, it’s like we’ve always been together.  I’ve been excited by so many things.  Even little things like discovering that, when he was living, my mother called my dad, “My Buddy.”  That is the same thing I always call my husband, Willie…My Buddy.

God gave them to me during the Jewish season of Yom Kippur. I had heard teachings on this holiday, but this year God pointed this holiday out to me.  On the ride back home form Des Moines on my first visit of many, God said to me, “this is the week of Yom Kippur. This is a holy time”. When God marks a time we should take notice. I have taken notice and felt blessed beyond any words that I can speak.

Have you ever missed something you didn’t know you missed but when you find it it makes you feel complete? That is the best explanation I can give now, MY SOUL IS FULL AND I GIVE ALL THANKS TO MY DADDY FOR BRINGING US TOGETHER.

Jack’s Story – Quit Smoking The Easy Way

Jack Testimony PicThere are so many things that God has done in my life.  I’ve died and been to heaven more than once.  Those are incredible true stories that I will tell you at another time.

Today I want to share my own struggle with and delivery from nicotine addiction.  So many people struggle with this.  I did for many years.  Actually, I was up to a four pack a day habit.  The good news is the fact that God delivered me instantly, and I lost all craving and haven’t smoked, or wanted to smoke, for 10 years.

Truthfully, I tried for a long time.  Anything and everything.  Patches, techniques, prayers, you name it.

Then one day I heard an audible voice.  Maybe nobody else could hear it, but I did.  It was that clear.  It was God and He said to me, “If you’ll lay your cigarettes on the altar, I’ll take it from you.”

That night, I went to church and did what God’s voice told me to do.  I laid the cigarettes on the altar.  I walked out of the church that night.  I never had another craving, and as I said, I’ve been free for 10 years.

Maybe you’ve thrown away your cigarettes before.  Maybe many, many times but went right back to them.  So, why didn’t all of those times work for you, but it worked for me?

Because when I did it, it wasn’t a technique that I heard someone else advise.  It wasn’t my own effort to try to show my sincerity.

I heard and responded to a word God spoke to me in my heart.  As my pastor says, “His personal directions bring with them His power.”  It may be a different word of God’s wisdom to you.  All I can say is, ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you personally in some way about your freedom….actually in any area of your life.  His spoken word to you will work just like it did for me.

Amy’s Story – My Life Was Falling Apart

Amy Testimony PicI would like to tell you just a small part of what God has done in my life and why I am so grateful to Him.

I was driving my car on August 5th 2009.  As I was driving, I had a seizure.  As a result I had a bad accident.  I was sent to Peoria, IL to have emergency surgery because the bones came out of my right ankle and they had to reattach my foot.  My seizures were also out of control and I had two brain surgeries to try and stop them.

I have now been seizure free for the past 7 months.  I also had a lot of residual pain in my right foot, but now I am pain free and I finally have been released to go back to work.

Jesus also set me free from alcohol and drug addiction.

My life was totally falling apart, but God saved me.  If it weren’t for Him, I know I wouldn’t be here today.  I now have my life back and I am so grateful to Him and my church, The Sanctuary for showing me and teaching me God’s love.