Of Such Is The Kingdom of God

This video is an excellent example of God’s will for our children.  It is our focus and training of our own children at The Davenport Sanctuary.

Kingdom Kids

ChildrenDear Parents and Guardians,

We are pleased to introduce the new name of our Sunday morning children’s ministry.
Because our goal is to train up our children in the ways of the Kingdom of God, we are naming it, “Kingdom Kids.”

We are growing, which is good news, but it also creates some new challenges. Our room is small and space is limited. In order to have a controlled learning area it is necessary
to have age limits.  At present our accepted age span will be age 4 – age 9.  If your child is not in the age requirements you might consider bringing books, etc. for their interest during the adult service.
For the best learning conditions, we are also establishing a set of simple rule guidelines.  These class rules are intended to help our children learn respect for their teachers and for each other.  They are also good life rules that will serve your children well as they grow into adulthood.  Without order, the class can become very unpleasant for everyone, as well as hinder a successful learning environment.  Please review the rules with your child before class and encourage them to follow them.  The teachers and helpers will also be rehearsing these expectations in a positive helpful way.
In the event that a child chooses not to participate with the rules, they will be reminded three times on any Sunday.  After the third reminder, those children will be brought down to their caregiver for the remainder of the service.
1. Raise your hand to talk.
2. No talking when the teacher or others are talking.
3. Keep your hands to yourself.
4. Use walking feet inside classroom.
5. Follow directions.
6. Clean up when you are done.
7. Try your best.
8. Have fun!

Thank you as as parents, guardians, teachers, and teachers assistants work together to raise up Kingdom Kids in the love and wisdom of our King, Jesus.

In Service of You, Your Children, and God’s Kingdom

Grandma Barb Benson,
Kingdom Kids, Administrator