Our Reality Wins

Kristin  Kristin Bruchmann shares an excellent and descriptive teaching on how the progress of our lives is directly impacted buy who and what we think we are.



I’ll Take Care Of You

HS_Girl_Hugging_JesusI teach that God speaks to us in a multitude of ways and one of them is through “waking songs.”  These are songs, both “spiritual and secular” (which I believe is a false dividing line religion has inserted). 

At first it was just the general sense of a song from “The Sound of Music.”  I thought to myself, “Holy Spirit…why am a hearing this song?  Are you saying something to me?”

Within a few seconds, the song lazered in on one phrase.  I knew it was the Lord speaking to me because the emotion rose within me of deep peace and confidence.

I’m posting it here because I believe it’s a song that the Lord would sing to all of us!

Play it now for yourself:

Jesus says, “I’ll take care of you…”


We’ll Pray For You

If you have a prayer need, we’re here for you.  Please listen to the short audio now:


Financial Miracle Testimonial

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