God With You Encouragement

Teaching and Word of Knowledge by Pastor Gary Ellis – Sunday, September 4, 2016 at The Center – 4011 Brady, Davenport, IA


Merle Prophecy Father’s Day 2016

Merle Prophecy Father’s Day 2016

Prophecy Gary J on Father’s Day 2016

Prophecy Gary J Father’s Day 2016

Wendel Prophecy Father’s Day

Prophecy to Wendel on Father’s Day 2016 at The Sanctuary:

Cathy Prophecy May 22, 2016

Cathy Prophecy at the Sanctuary service on May 22, 2016

DeDe Prophecy Mother’s Day 2016

DeDe Prophecy at the Sanctuary on Mother’s Day, 2016


Kayla Prophecy Mother’s Day 2016

Kathryn Prophecy Mother’s Day 2016

Kathryn Prophecy Mother’s Day 2016 at The Sanctuary:

Jane Prophecy Mother’s Day 2016

Jane Prophecy Mother’s Day 2016:


Karen Prophecy Mother’s Day 2016

Karen Prophecy on Mother’s Day 2016 at The Sanctuary:

Kim Prophecy 5-8-16

Kim Prophecy on Mother’s Day at Sanctuary Church:

Helen Prophecy 5-8-16

Helen Prophecy on Mother’s Day at The Sanctuary:

Helen Prophecy to Kim:



Therese Prophecy 5-8-16

Therese prophecy on Mother’s Day at The Sanctuary.

Cathy Prophecy 5-8-16

Cathy Mother’s Day prophecy:

Kim Prophecy 5-1-16

A prophecy for Kim that Tony had received and written down last September at The Sanctuary Service May 1, 2016

Becky Sight Revelation 5-1-16

A dream and further revelation on Becky’s sight at the Sanctuary 5-1-16

Ann and Elaine Prophecy 5-1-16

Ann and Elaine Prophecy 5-1-16 at The Sanctuary Church, Davenport, IA  10:00 am service

Fred Prophecy 4-24-16

Prophecy for Fred Sunday 4-24-16




Fred Prophecy 4-17-16

Prophecy for Fred on Sunday 4:17-16


Lexi Prophecy 4-17-16

Prophecy for Lexi at Sanctuary on Sunday 4-17-16


George Prophecy 4-17-16

Prophecy to George at Sanctuary on Sunday 4-17-16

Chris Prophecy 4-17-16

Prophecy for Chris at Sanctuary on 4-17-16


Prepare To Be Amazed

An amazing life doesn’t happen by itself. You can experience many amazing things in your life. Although the limitations of natural life are real, it’s not God’s purpose or plan for you to be trapped in the limitations of a natural existence. However, preparation to be amazed is essential. You will either prepare to be amazed, or you will be trapped in a “maze” of confusion, and discouragement. Pastor Gary Ellis explains important principles in this teaching at The Sanctuary Church, Davenport, IA

The Unknown Truth About Grace (2 of 3)

In Part 2 of this series, Pastor Gary unpacks more of the rich gold of Grace.

The Unknown Truth About Grace (1of 3)

Grace is a term we consistently use without actually understanding all of it’s power.  In this series,”The Unknown Truth About Grace,”  Pastor Gary unwraps a very exciting package that, applied, will be a “game changer” for many people.  Here is part 1 of the 3 part series:

The Power of Misquoting God

We will only have as much power to navigate difficult and tragic circumstances in life if we know what God actually says. If we believe things that God doesn’t actually say, we lock ourselves into lack.

5 Keys To Developing Christ-Like Confidence

Pastor Gary gives 5 keys to helping us all to be more confident in our lives as Christ Followers:

Simple, Miraculous Options With God

Our Reality Wins

Kristin  Kristin Bruchmann shares an excellent and descriptive teaching on how the progress of our lives is directly impacted buy who and what we think we are.



Bill and Carol Dew – March 1, 2015

Poster Final

Better Choices In 2015

This teaching by Pastor Gary Ellis has been edited.  Some of the illustrations were appropriate in the local church setting, but not for a wider internet audience.  Some very practical points are made that will help anyone to experience a more peaceful, joyful, and worship filled life with God.


What Moves God Hand?

Mad About You  At issue in this teaching is what actually moves God’s hand on behalf of His sons and daughters.  Many people say that faith is what moves God’s hand.  In this lesson, Pastor Gary addresses that issue and offers a more accurate answer:

This audio teaching is from the Sanctuary Church gathering on November 23, 2014:



Live From Your Heart (rather than your head)

This teaching by Pastor Gary from November 16, 2014 contains the core understanding of how to achieve the abundant life that Jesus promised in John 10:10…but that too few Christians actually experience.

We apologize for the sound quality. It is clear by tin-y. However, the quality of the content far outweighs the technical issues on this recording. Discover how you can live as God originally designed as “normal” for His children.

What If…

In this video, Pastor Gary summarizes in less than 6 minutes, 14 powerful questions that have the potential of totally changing the quality and substance of a person’s life.


Women’s Rights: God’s Idea

When did women change from being property and considered people? Kristin Bruchmann explains in this very encouraging teaching:

Your Grace May Be Insufficient

You may not be receiving the full advantages of God’s Grace. Pastor Gary Ellis explains in this Sermon Summary.

Forgiveness Misunderstood

Sincere Christians struggle for years with issues of forgiveness.  Yet, the pain and frustration continues.  Often it’s because there are basic misunderstandings in the process of forgiving.  In this 11:50 summary of a recent teaching, Pastor Gary explains:

Twisted Salvation

We have twisted the understanding of the most important truth revealed in the Scriptures, Salvation. By untwisting it we have access to the life God intended.  Pastor Gary Ellis shares important insights that bring about true life change from lesser to greater things:

Already A Winner When Life Sucks Rocks

Encouragement for the life that, at times, has “rock sucking” quality. Pastor Gary at The Sanctuary, Davenport, IA 4/6/14


How To Get Honey From A Rock

Do you feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place.  This Sanctuary teaching by pastor Gary leads us in how to find honey in the hard places of life.

“I Died” and The Fixed Heart

Bill McNeal died and experienced heaven. Now his message is about the need for a fixed, established heart and how to achieve it.

Becoming More Effective In Life And Love

Get God’s perspective on how to live well and love well. Pastor Gary explains in this 30 minute teaching from Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Discover Naturally Supernatural Love

The power of naturally supernatural love is what makes the Kingdom of God go round. This video clip explains further:

Your Incredible Power Source

It’s possible to spend one’s life being good and nice (sinless as possible) without accomplishing what God designed and destined for His sons and daughters.  Pastor Gary explains in this “Sanctuary Moment”

Unused Resurrection Power

Do you have unused resurrection power available in your life? Bill McNeal reveals the realities of what a Christ Follower has at the ready but often untapped.

When Everything Is Against You

How do we keep the pain of our present from defining our end? This teaching by Pastor Gary Ellis explains from the life of Jabez and obscure character who had a terrible beginning and a glorious finish.

How To Conquer Your Confusion

There are so many voices about the right things to believe and the right ways to act. This short video by Pastor Gary explains the heart of growing in wisdom.

Gary Jones – 10 Relationship Guideposts

This excellent teaching expresses, in practical terms,  the 10 commandments as 10 Relationship Guideposts.

Sanctuary Moments w/Pastor Gary

The following three “Sanctuary Moments w/Pastor Gary” are from a teaching at The Sanctuary Church, Davenport, IA on Sunday, January 12, 2014 and deal with the very practical side of spirituality and life:

Better Than McMuffins

By comparison to what’s available, we don’t have to settle for a McMuffin relationship with the Lord.